Educational Leadership, ASCD's flagship journal, is intended for everyone interested in preK–12 education issues, including curriculum, instruction, supervision, and leadership. Each issue contains articles written by educators for educators. We particularly look for articles that inspire improved teaching and learning.

Educational Leadership is known for its theme issues. The more appropriate an article is for a theme issue, the more likely it is that we will be able to publish it. We also accept articles on non-theme-related topics if the subject is compelling and timely.

The EL editorial staff makes all decisions regarding publication. ASCD reserves the right to reject material, whether solicited or otherwise, if it lacks quality or timeliness. ASCD offers no remuneration for articles.


What We Look For

The best way to determine what kinds of articles we publish is to read the magazine.

Most published articles are between 1,500 and 2,500 words, are written in a conversational style, and cover topics that are useful for preK–12 educators. These are some of the qualities we look for:

  • Articles describing research-based solutions to current problems in education

  • Reasoned debate on controversial subjects

  • Opinion pieces that interweave experiences and ideas

  • Program descriptions (school, district, or state)

  • Practical examples that illustrate key points

  • An emphasis on explaining and interpreting research results rather than on methodology

  • International contributions

We are not looking for term papers or reviews of literature, and we rarely publish conventional research reports. We cannot review drafts and usually do not find query letters helpful; we prefer to read the manuscript. We do not publish articles that have been previously published, in print or electronic form. While your article is under review with us, we ask that you not submit it to another publication or post it on a website or blog—not even your own.

Please submit your manuscript under the appropriate upcoming theme category. If your manuscript does not fit any of our upcoming themes, please submit it under the Special Topic category.

For more information about the submission and editing process, please visit our web site.

Please use this category to submit articles that may not fit any of our upcoming themes.

Note: While we do occasionally publish special topic articles of an exceptional nature, submissions that do not fit into an upcoming EL theme have a much smaller chance of publication. Response times on Special Topics submissions may also be longer. Thank you for your patience. 

How to Prepare Your Manuscript

    Double-space all copy and leave generous margins.
    Number all pages.
    Indicate the number of words in the manuscript, including references and figures.
    Include your name, address, phone number, and email address on the cover sheet.
    Include a two- or three-sentence bio for each author at the end of the manuscript.

We use the reference style outlined by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Cite references in the text like this (Jones, 2000) and list them in a  bibliography at the end of the article. Please do not use footnotes or  endnotes for the references. For other matters of style, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.).

Authors bear full responsibility for the accuracy of citations, quotations, figures, and facts.

Educational Leadership